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Refund a transaction in ARB


We will be having an Subscription(ARB) with one trial payment and 10 installments(monthly). There is a chance of updating that Subscription. On this update., we will update the amount for remaining installments. Also we will charge some additional amount. If the additional amount was positive ., we can use "Charge a Customer Profile" API. But if the amount is negative there are possibilities where i want to refund certain amount in this subscription. In that case., what should i do. Can i associate a refund with my Subscription. How should i handle this.



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Re: Refund a transaction in ARB

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In the existing ARB API, we dont have refund functionality available. 

But, you can

1. login to MINT (merchant interface )-

2. Go to Recurring Billing Section > Transaction Status Report > Select the transaction you want to refund > Select Refund


can use the API for refund -