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Reg: Authorize.Net Payment Issue

I have created my sandbox account through this account i am able do the trasaction in my local machine but unable do the transaction in staging server with my sand box credentials.I am getting the below error.
error Failed to access the WSDL at: It failed with: Received fatal alert: protocol_version.
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Re: Reg: Authorize.Net Payment Issue

Hi @srinivas555


On Java 1.8 default TLS protocol is v1.2. On Java 1.7 default is TLS1.0. It must be that your local machine has JAVA 8 but in the staging server its still using JAVA 7.


As in Authorize.Net Sandbox Endpoints like ( TLS 1.0 is disabled, thus you are getting error : Received fatal alert: protocol_version.


You will explicitly need to set TLS v1.2 in the staging server, you can try


System.setProperty("https.protocols", "TLSv1");


Or look into this more options :


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Re: Reg: Authorize.Net Payment Issue



Our sandbox requires a TLS 1.2 connection.  Please make certain your system is configured properly.