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Relay Response Page Throwing Error

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We are using the Relay Response configuration. I have set the x_relay_url to post to our merchant page.


When the post is made to our merchant page we grab the http POST data and then we redirect to our custom receipt page. does not like this redirect to occur and I receive an error message.


Is there another attribute similar to x_relay_response I can set to allow the page redirect.?


If not what is the best solution?




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Re: Relay Response Page Throwing Error

Relay response is the only way to ensure that transaction details are sent back to your site at the end of the transaction.  Page redirection alone will not cause Relay Response to fail.  In fact, this is done by all of our SDKs as a part of the DPM Integration.  Can you provide some more details on how exactly the page is failing? Does it fail immediatley upon completing the transaction, or does it sit there loading for 20-30 seconds before giving up and aborting the response attempt?