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Relay Response by https ( 443 port )

Hi, all


In view of security issue, I have to implement Relay Response with https (443 port), and I confront with SSL certificate issue.


1. What kind of SSL Certificate should I buy?


2. Can trust GoDaddy Standard SSL certificate? If not, can you offer some SSL certificate that we can buy?


This is the URL to GoDaddy SSL Standard ceritificate :


Thank you very much.




Louis Liao

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Re: Relay Response by https ( 443 port )

There isn't really a huge need for https, since no credit card data is transferred with either relay response or silent post. But Godaddy is one of the biggest SSL providers there is, and you shouldn't have any trouble if you use one of their certificates. Problems with relay response are usually related to servers blocking in some way, not the certificates themselves.

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Re: Relay Response by https ( 443 port )

Hi TJPride


Thank you so much TJPride