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Relay Response not working

My relay response has stopped working.


After submitting credit card information I am being directed to a blank screen with url of:  For some reasone the relay response is not being accessed.


I am posting a relay response URL along with the other SIM fields to the site and my settings are expecting a relay response with the exact same URL.


There are no errors on the reponse page.  I have created a test page to post the fields that normally are returned by and that works fine.


Any ideas?

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Re: Relay Response not working

Hello @pthomsen42


Since this is for your production account, have you reported this to customer support?  Can you duplicate in the sandbox?


We're not aware of any changes on our side that would affect relay response.






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Re: Relay Response not working

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Hello, we are experiencing the same issue, were you able to resolve? support is horrifically bad regarding this issue