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Response/Receipt URLs, Virtuemart and joomla 2.5.11

Hello all, ive encountered a strange problem, i have configured the plugin for 2 sites, one has worked perfectly, in the other the plugin works almost 100% the only thing that is not working is the response/receipt url redirection. So i contated to see if they could help me but no responce from them, as the order is confirmed, the payment pases perfectly but the person stays in the recipt page of Any tips, help on how to resolve this? 

The only diferences with this pages are:

the page that works: joomla 2.5.28, virtuemart 2.6.14, no ssl

The page that has the isue jooma 2.5.11 (due to template requirements), virtuemart 2.6.14, SSL working. (have response url with and without https) 


All help will be greatly apreciated. 


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Re: Response/Receipt URLs, Virtuemart and joomla 2.5.11

Hello @publicidad 

It doesn't look like anyone has responded yet, but someone still may have feedback on what you're looking for. I'd recommend subscribing to this topic so that you'll be alerted via email if anyone else from the community is able to respond with any comments. To subscribe, click Topic Options at the top of this thread and then select Subscribe. You'll then receive an email once anyone replies to your post.


You might also wish to contact the developers of Virtuemart to see if they have solutions for you.