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Rolling out SaaS product to Canadian Customers, Caveats?

We are planning to roll out our SaaS application to Canadian customers.  Are there any changes that need to be done to our software to support Canadian clients?


 We are using the CIM product to create and store payment profiles.  Each tenant in our system has their own account (configured as American or Canadian). I assume as long as the account is configured as a Canadian account, everything else stays the same when it comes to api usage.


Specifically, what happens with state and zipcode.  In Canada, does state simply become province and zip simply becomes postal code?


Are there any other caveats I should consider in offering this to Canadian clients?

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Re: Rolling out SaaS product to Canadian Customers, Caveats?


Hi rreynier,


You are right that the state field holds the province and the zipcode field holds the postal code.  The two things that you may need to consider are:

1. Canadian Postal codes are alphanumeric. You'll want to make sure that they aren't treated as a number anywhere in your system.

2. Not all US-based credit card processors reliably validate Canadian postal codes. Unfortunately, there is little that you can do about this directly, but an inordinate number of AVS mismatches is something to keep an eye out for.