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Rounding Rules when third decimal place is a 5

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Can someone share or provide documentation, i.e., Rounding Rules on why Authorize.Net would round 12.625 to 12.62 instead of 12.63?


I saw another related post suggesting to round up then submit but I honestly do not see that as the answer to my question. I would like to first understand why Authorize.Net does this, then work towards a soution.


Thanks in advance, Jay.




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Re: Rounding Rules when third decimal place is a 5

Hi jayagnew1


Authorize.Net doesn't actually round any numeric value. The reason why 12.625 would become 12.62 is because the values after the second 2 are being dropped. This is typically due to a max field length however I don't know your specific use case. 


I hope this is helpful to you.