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SIM Declines if Billing Info is changed

I have integration working with SIM.  However, we have customers that get errors if they change the billing information on the hosted page.  Since the application on our side is for event registration, sometimes the person paying for the registration is not the same as the person who will be attending the event.  So they fill the registration out with the attendee information and then on the hosted page, they change the information to match the billing information.  


When they do this, the response is a declined card with the reason that the address did not match.  


I tried running a card through where I kept the address the same as what was sent to the hosted form (but does not match the actual billing address on the card) and just changed the name of the card holder and the payment was accepted.


In the merchant account, the address verifcation settings are as follows:

All General Settings boxes are checked

Just N in the Address & Zip Verification is checked

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Re: SIM Declines if Billing Info is changed

Hi microweb,

I suggest that you contact our Customer Service at 877-447-3938 so they can look up specific transactions for you and tell you exactly what caused the decline.