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SIM Itemized Orders for PHP

hello To Everyone Reading This:


I have gone over the SIM Developer Guide and found the information regarding Itemized Orders. However, can anyone tell me if I am wasting my time trying to make this work for ordering food online? I am setting up a menu, I need drop downs from 4 categories all with different prices..Don't know if I should just spend the time using a cart for this basic need.


Also, does anyone have anymore information regarding making the Itemized Order's work. I am having a hard time finding proper documentation...1st timer here...and I am sure once I have this figured out I'll feel stupid for having asked such a simple question. 



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Re: SIM Itemized Orders for PHP

If they'll only be ordering four items, you can easily just have one page which does that, then submits to another page which calculates the charge and auto-submits to (onload="document.forms[0].submit();" in your <body> tag). See Chapter 5: Additional API Fields for sub-section Itemized Order Information for how to specify line items in the form you submit to


<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" name="x_line_item" VALUE="item1<|>golf balls<|><|>2<|>18.95<|>Y"> 
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" name="x_line_item" VALUE="item2<|>golf bag<|>Wilson golf carry bag, red<|>1<|>39.99<|>Y"> 
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" name="x_line_item"  VALUE="item3<|>book<|>Golf for Dummies<|>1<|>21.99<|>Y">

 (yes, you put in one tag per item and they're all named the same...)