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SIM and Recurring Billing


I have created a test account and using SIM i have integrate the payment process in my application using Java. I have stored the Credit card number and other required details in database for future use.

Now the next step is recurring payments. Please suggest some ideas, to start the right way to make recurring payments.



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Re: SIM and Recurring Billing

If you are storing CC#, you are not using SIM.


Read this

Choosing a Recurring Billing Solution by Rodger Yonley

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Re: SIM and Recurring Billing

If the charges and schedule will stay more or less the same, you can use ARB, which you'll probably feel more comfortable with if you're coming from storing credit card info. If the charges or schedule vary quite a lot, or you want to reduce exposure to credit card data as much as possible, use CIM. Both have a bit of a learning curve.