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SIM - can postback an identifier-value?



I am debating whether to use AIM or SIM. I am a bit familiar with AIM - having set up a PHP page and used the test credit cards - and within that I am able to use a unique identifier to associate to the client of mine that the payment is for - this value gets posted back and I can update my database that the client paid.


Can the same be done with SIM?  I am thinking of SIM for another project and thinking of making the security and PCI less of an issue for me to deal with. My understanding is that with SIM I don't need to use SSL or get a cert, etc. - however does the process allow some unique client identifier to be passed back to my site after the transaction happens?


I am going to start testing some SIM now but interested to hear of other experiences with SIM.




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Re: SIM - can postback an identifier-value?

look at the see how it works at


you can use the relay response to relay a merchant defined fields, basically any fields with name not x_????? that you post to the sim page.