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SIM questions.

Hi guys,

I am new in the field of payment processing. I have some experience with paypal integration, so I decided to choose SIM method, because I have no experience in handling security.


I have created a site which sells small number of products (~10) and have a simple shopping cart that uses cookies to store selected products. I want to have a checkout button that goes to server and sends information about the chosen product - each one with its name and price. I read some instructions and looked at the example code (PHP) and got a bit confused:


1. Is it true that I can send only one product with its description and price, or I can send a list of products using Server Integration Method?


I do not have user registration on my site and I need to know who the customer is. I need that information because after the payment I have to send information to a fulfillment center that will handle the delivery. They want the information in a STANDARD6 format. So my question is:


2. Can I receive back information after payment about the customer (Name, Address, Email), because I need to relay it to a fulfillment center and I do not have user registration on my website?


Thank you for your help.



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Re: SIM questions.

1). No. It's not true. You can send more then one item using SIM. If you search the forums I know someone posted how to do it. It should also be in the SIM Guide (PDF).


2) Yes. Use Relay Response. It basically allows you to make your own receipt/thank you page which receives information about the transaction. It receives the same information as Silent Post.

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Re: SIM questions.


I checked through the SIM guide but was not able to locate any specific examples of sending along a list of product data to be displayed at the payment gateway. 


Can anyone point me to a resource that explains how to do this?  


Thank you.



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Re: SIM questions.

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Go to Additional API Fields or the appendix of API fields at the end, scroll through that or do a find for "x_line_item". I don't believe the SIM API [PHP] has a built-in feature for adding line items, but you can probably adapt code from the addLineItem() function and _setPostString() functions in the AIM API for use in combining line items into the desired string.

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Re: SIM questions.

Thanks TJ!


that is exactly what I was looking for