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SIM, show erros in iframe directly

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Hello everybody !


I use SIM , all works fine

iframe is integrated in our page where user can type their CC data,

currently if CC is declined then it redirects to relay_url where our script look into x_response_code value and if it's 2 (declined) then we show corresponding text, this is fine. 

but is it possible to make such thing that if CC is declined then it does not redirect to relay_url but stays in iframe instead and show error message like this :  with proper error message, my aim is to keep user on same page in order to let give one more try.






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Re: SIM, show erros in iframe directly


Hi dave101ua,


Our payment form will allow the user to retry in the case of any error where a transaction cannot be attempted. In the case that a transaction is processed and declines, we do not have the option of keeping them on the payment form.