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Sample or test forms

Greetings all


I'm trying to get my website connected to the Authorize gateway and apparently at some point I'm going to need an HTML form.  Does Authorize have any pre made ones.  I can make a good one but a pre made one would probably have a better look.



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Re: Sample or test forms

They do have sample code and SDKs/sample app for different language and API under "DOWNLOADS" on the top of the page. 

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Re: Sample or test forms

Well... there's the default form for DPM. Download the PHP SDK, take a look at the file AuthorizeNetDPM.php in the lib folder for the function getCreditCardForm(). But it may not be the best form in the world either. What API (AIM, SIM, DPM, etc.) are you trying to integrate for, and what information do you want to collect? Do you have enough of your web site up so we can take a look at what the rest of it looks like? Stock forms won't necessarily look good against a specific design.