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Sandbox Not Working But Not Throwing Error Either...

I am hoping someone can help me discover why my sandbox is not showing the test transactions.


Here is what I have so far:  




AuthorizeNetAIM.php file settings:


const LIVE_URL = '';
const SANDBOX_URL = '';




In my cart file,  I have:


require_once 'anet_php_sdk_sandbox/AuthorizeNet.php'; // Make sure this path is correct.


( i have checked this, it's correctly pointing to the SANDBOX version of my phpsdk which has the setting above that I noted earlier)


then I have:

$transaction = new AuthorizeNetAIM('xxxxx', 'xxxxxxxxxxxx', true);


( i have checked the login ID and trans Key andboth are matching my SANDBOX developer account.



then i have:



I have tried this both true and false, neither way works.



Please someone tell me what I am missing.   


When I process the sandboxed visa c.c.   4007000000027  with zip code random and cvv random,  my cart acts like the transaction was NOT approved.  No transaction actually shows in my sandbox account though...  


Also I double checked to see if these transactions are showing in my LIVE account as denied but they are not.


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Re: Sandbox Not Working But Not Throwing Error Either...

@kingcobra What is in the transaction response?