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Sandbox Unsettled Transactions

1) I have created a test account on and I tried to use "4111-1111-1111-1111" credit card number with 2020/12 expiration date to post a transaction on the test account. My test transactions were shown under "Unsettled Transactions". I would like to know weather my approved transactions will show in "Settled Tractions" column in Production accounts? If Yes, then what do I need to do to upgrade the status of Transaction to "Settled"?
2) If I cant do the above then, how can I test my code if the behavior of TEST and PROD accounts are different?
3) If my transactions are not settled instantly then how much time it will take to settle them?
if the transactions are in "un-settled" mode, then what are the possibilities to refund the amount?
4) If refund can be done in "un-settled" mode, then how much time it will require to do so..?

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Re: Sandbox Unsettled Transactions

Hello @dhara


We offer a developer training video which answers most of your questions relating to how credit cards work at


Transactions settle once a day starting after the transaction cut-off time specified in the merchant interface.  If a transaction is unsettled, it can only be voided which cancels the entire transaction.  Refunds can be issued for settled transactions and my any amount up to the original amount authorized.





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