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Saying Donation versus Order on the Payments page

Our business is to help non-profit organizations raise money.  All the transactions that occur on our site are donations.  We use the Server Integration Method (SIM) api to submit transactions to the payments page.  When the user sees that page, all the wording on the page is in terms of an "order".  I was wondering if there is some way to access an alternate version of the page that refers to the transaction as a "donation" or a "contribution", which would be more appropriate for the type of transaction we use.

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Re: Saying Donation versus Order on the Payments page

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Looking through all the fields in the API reference, I don't see anything for that. You can mark a transaction as tax-exempt, and you can obviously set an item description for "Donation to x", but beyond that you might be stuck with it the way it is.


Did a find for "donate" and "donation", didn't see anything here:


Simple Checkout allows you to generate Donate buttons, I think.