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Serious bug on C# api.

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Using reflector I see the following code on api: 

 public string AddCreditCard(string profileID, string cardNumber, int expirationMonth, int expirationYear, string cardCode, Address billToAddress)
            DateTime time = DateTime.Parse(expirationMonth.ToString() + "-1-" + expirationYear.ToString());
            DateTime time3 = new DateTime(time.Year, time.Month, 1);
            DateTime time2 = time3.AddMonths(1).AddDays(-1.0);
            string str = time2.ToString("yyyy-MM");

 What hapens is that if the api is running on a machine with culture any other than en-us, the string parse game for the dates will fail. This is a very amatour way of processing card data and all developers should be aware of that.

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Re: Serious bug on C# api.

Good catch. But FYI, you can download the C# SDKs source. There are two different zip. Left is the source. Right is the dll.

They should have just use the consturctor

DateTime Constructor (Int32 year, Int32 month, Int32 day)