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Settled Transactions not matching batch statistics

My goal is to update our system with settled transaction information.  My client wants to balance between their bank account, my system and account.  To do this I need to mark in my system when a transactions has been settled or returned.


I am using getSettledBatchListRequest to retrieve the batch ID and statistics for settled batches.  I then use getTransactionListRequest to get all transactions for that batch.  On batches with returned items I getTransactionDetailsRequest to find out more information about the returned transactions.


I have a couple of problems:

1)  When testing (using our live account, since the account has been active for a couple of years and gives me a wide range of batches to review).  The batch statistics might say there were 2 chargeCount with a chargeAmount of $100, but the getTransactionListRequest for this batch might return 10 transactions.  Some of the days work out perfectly where the amount/count are a match.  Why would the counts/amounts be off.


2)  The settledStatus seems to happen too quickly to be acurate.  example: eCheck batch has a settlement date was 2015-06-19 00:13:40 and the original transaction submit date was 2015-06-18 17:44:59.  There is no way the eCheck actually settled (payment hit my clients bank account) that quickly.  How do I determine when the transactions actually settles (payment received by client)?


I have been working on this for days and really like how it's coming together, except for the one little fact or maybe a large one.. I'm afraid it's not really giving me settled information but rather processing information.


When the transactions transactionStatus says 'settledSuccessfully' I'm starting to think this doesn't mean settled in the sense I'm thinking of it but rather just that the original transaction was processed, basically step 1.


How do I determine when a transaction has truely settled, ie.. the funds have been deposited into my clients bank account?


Thanks all for any help or light you can shed on this!

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Re: Settled Transactions not matching batch statistics

Hello @JMan388


Checks behave much differently than card payments because they not authorized in real time.  To learn more about the process, please visit