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Shared CIM profiles ( vault )

We are working on integrating We are developing a a platform where we are also a merchant, with multiple other merchants using our platform (like Were are looking for a solution where the credit card information can be saved/link to our merchant account, then the clients can make a one-time payment to other merchants without the clients having to retype all the credit card information. Basically we are looking for a feature called Shared CIM profiles ( vault ) where one time token can be generated from a CIM profile to another merchant(MID)  leveraging OAuth for one time transactions. This feature was mentioned a couple of years ago as in development. Is there any update on this or proposed solution? Looking forward to your answer. Thank you!



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Re: Shared CIM profiles ( vault )

Thanks for sharing your reply here keep share your queries here
so anyone from the community who has faced the same issue can also find 
the solution from comments below, keep sharing

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Re: Shared CIM profiles ( vault )

Is this possibile to find the asin number lookup with the help of this integratoin account? I want to find the products for amazon.