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Shopping Carts



I already have all of my products online (without a shopping cart feature). Is there an shopping cart that will allow me to just add snippets of code to my existing pages (one bit of code for the 'add to cart' button and another bit of code for the 'view cart' button)? I really don't want to have to redo my entire site; it seems that most Authorize-compatible carts generate the pages for you and then you have to customize them. My existing site has a lot of backend functionality as well as a bunch of client-side javascript, and I have over 300 products.


I would prefer a free shopping cart, but even a paid cart would be better than redoing the site.





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Re: Shopping Carts

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It sounds like what you're looking for is an open-source shopping cart. There are many free ones out there that allow you to access code for you to use like you said, many of which are compatible with Authorize.Net. If you do a search for open source shoppiong carts, you can then decide which one will work best for you and your particular situation.




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Re: Shopping Carts

Hi there. We offer a shopping cart that is very feature-rich and integrates seamlessly with You can view a sample installation here:


Click the green box on the right to see the back end of the cart.


If you point me to your existing installation, we can take a look at automating the systems as you mention. Let me know if we can help!


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Re: Shopping Carts

oscommerce is the legacy open source cart; it's a bit messy, but you can do whatever you want. I think zencart is a fork of the (pretty much dead) oscommerce code. I'd use zencart over oscommerce, but neither unless you're willing to poke around and figure out their objects and internal api, which aren't really very well documented. However, if you take a few days to do that, you can do whatever you like with it.

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Re: Shopping Carts

I agree with the other posters. Any open source cart should do. We've also implemented Magento for a client and is integrated. There's a tutorial with screens at .


Contact me if you need further help. It should be fairly simple.

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Re: Shopping Carts

Can I have both a PayPal shopping cart and one for  Look at my website here   Nolice the buyer can only purchase one item at a time on using Simple Checkout and no way to continue shopping.  I would like to keep the site as close as possible to what I have now.





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Re: Shopping Carts

Simple Checkout is designed for only one item purchases. If you want to allow for multiple item purchases (e.g. a shopping cart) you will need to create your own shopping cart and then use SIM or AIM.

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Re: Shopping Carts

Do you know of anyone that could help trouble shoot issues with OsCommerce SIM payment gateway?

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Re: Shopping Carts

Have you tried the osCommerce forum? It helped me with the questions I had while integrating it with Authorize.Net using SIM.



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Re: Shopping Carts Solution