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Simple Checkout Options

Is there any way I can see what all the simple checkout options are?


Is there anyway I can see what the backend looks like, how it would look for me to create a custome button?


How does it compair to a paypal button?


I sell t shirts.  Some shirts are priced differently so is there a limit to the number of buttons you can make?


Can you show when the item is sold out?


Can I have the user choose the size shirt they wan with in the same button or will I have to have a different button for each size?


Thank you s o much of the help.  I would be really great if there was a way to see what all of the options are live.

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Re: Simple Checkout Options

Hi carpedalien,


You can sign up for a test account to see how our Simple Checkout works and see what the "Buy Now" buttons look like on the end user. You can create a maximum of 100 buttons which will allow your customers to purchase one time of any quantity per order but if you are selling varying quantities of multiple items per order then I suggest that you check our other integration methods.