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Simple Solution or Plugin for CIM via Wordpress?

My client needs to integrate a web form into their website to capture user payment info. They don't need to log in or edit the info, unless it is required. Is there a free or affordable plugin that would create a new customer profile and add the payment info to it?


So far I have looked at WooCommerce with CIM extension, or hiring a developer to integrate the hosted form. WooCommerce route seems a bit cumbersome because we don't need to process transactions on the site, is there anything else available? 


Thanks for any tips on this!

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Re: Simple Solution or Plugin for CIM via Wordpress?

Hi @dashagaian


We don't provide direct integration soultion, we have Accept Hosted solution which you can use to directly integrate for payments


Right now we have 3rd party certified solution for WooCommerce only, you can look for other 3rd party solution which meets the requirement.