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Split Capture and Void scenario

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  I have a transaction approved for 90.00 and has the tran id of XXXXXX

I issued a Prior_Auth_Capture for 60.00 on XXXXXX(same as above).

I want to realease authorization for the remaining 30.00. How can I do this. (Void is voiding the whole transaction)


Also after this I want to issue a credit for 30.00. What are the transaction steps I should be following.


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Re: Split Capture and Void scenario

When you issue the prior auth capture, the remaining balance should be automatically released, since only one capture can be applied to an authorize. As for the credit, those can be issued against a transaction for up to 120 days, if I remember correctly, or you can do unlinked credit beyond 120 days (though this functionality has to be specifically requested). A credit can be processed through AIM using the original transaction ID and either a full credit card number or the masked number from the transaction (you can access this using the Transaction Details API).