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Support for php 5.3

Does anyone have any working sample code for asp or php 5.3

I'm on a windows system and have php 5.3. Seriallizer doesnt support 5.3 due to $().

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Re: Support for php 5.3


I've reported your issue to the product team for analysis.  And I would also encourage you to open an issue on GitHub as well so you'll get immediate notification for updates.



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Re: Support for php 5.3

I've removed any 5.3+ dependencies in the sample code and also made sure we include 5.3 in the Travis CI build and tests.  Everything green now for 5.3.



Let me know if there are any issues,



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Re: Support for php 5.3

I cloned the sample code repo.

I updated composer.json and set the authorizenet version to since that is the latest version that supports php 5.3.


composer ran successfully.


When I run

php CustomerProfiles/create-customer-profile.php


I get

php CustomerProfiles/create-customer-profile.php 

Fatal error: Class 'Goetas\Xsd\XsdToPhp\Jms\Handler\BaseTypesHandler' not found in /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/vendor/authorizenet/authorizenet/lib/net/authorize/api/controller/base/ApiOperationBase.php on line 79

Call Stack:
    0.4076     680904   1. {main}() /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/CustomerProfiles/create-customer-profile.php:0
    0.4128    1074696   2. createCustomerProfile() /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/CustomerProfiles/create-customer-profile.php:74
    0.4187    1375288   3. net\authorize\api\controller\CreateCustomerProfileController->__construct() /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/CustomerProfiles/create-customer-profile.php:57
    0.4187    1375416   4. net\authorize\api\controller\base\ApiOperationBase->__construct() /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/vendor/authorizenet/authorizenet/lib/net/authorize/api/controller/CreateCustomerProfileController.php:12
    0.4242    1904352   5. JMS\Serializer\SerializerBuilder->configureHandlers() /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/vendor/authorizenet/authorizenet/lib/net/authorize/api/controller/base/ApiOperationBase.php:82
    0.4242    1904400   6. net\authorize\api\controller\base\{closure}() /Users/bill.clark/Sites/AuthorizeNetSampleCode/vendor/jms/serializer/src/JMS/Serializer/SerializerBuilder.php:132


which is the same result I get from my current integration attempts with our codebase, which is stuck on php 5.3.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Support for php 5.3

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No responses. nice.


For anyone stuck like me, try this:

It is an authorizeNet library that has been tweaked to work with php 5.3


It is working for me.