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Test Mode no return invoice no

HI I am currently doing tests in production environment with x_test_request set to TRUE. The following details are used:


x_amount = 1.00

x_card_num = 4222222222222

x_card_code = 900


x_show_form is removed to test direct post.


When i use other amounts, the response is correct, however when I want to test the success scenario by using 1.00, it does not return the invoice no which is ResponseField.INVOICE_NUMBER and thus unable to retrieve the invoice. Is this expected behavior or is there something wrong?

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Re: Test Mode no return invoice no

When using test mode in production or sandbox, the gateway only checks if the API Login and Transaction Key are correct and returns OK if they are valid.  It doesn't attempt the transaction.


Also, test cards will only work in the sandbox.