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Test account - Settled Transactions



I have a test account on


And i try to implement authorize for my futur webshop. I made some transactions but they are all "Unsettled".

I wanted to know when Unsettled transaction become Settle.

Because If I'm right i receive the silence post only when the transaction become Settle



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Re: Test account - Settled Transactions

Hello Thos,


Your unsettled transactions will settle once a day according to the Transaction Cut-Off Time that is set up in your test account. To see what time that is, log into your test account and click Settings from the menu on the left. Then click Transaction Cut-Off Time from the Business Settings section. From here you can adjust the time to whatever time you choose. The default is 4:00 PM Mountain.


Your silent posts should be coming through at the same time as your transaction responses. So if you're not seeing them, you may have something improperly configured.





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Re: Test account - Settled Transactions

all transactions since 6/17 are perpetually stuck in CAPTURED/PENDING SETTLEMENT status. 


multiple people reporting this: