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Test site doesn't work.



We have been using for about six years now. We have always had trouble with it. is the most difficult gateway to integrate with. It seems like every other week I have to deal with it.


At the moment, I am running our test site with a valid SSL certificate, a static IP address, and a publicly accessible domain, on port 443. I have tried specifying the response URLs with both 443 and without 443.


One of two things happens:


1) Our most recent release keeps getting forwarded to /null. This appears to be something on's site, because we do not pass this.


2) On our previous release, I keep getting "(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid". But I clearly see that my URLs are in the response URL page. I have no way of determining what is wrong. This was working 10 days ago. What changed on's side?


Can anyone help me?

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Re: Test site doesn't work.

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Hello @robertpiskule


May I suggest using the contact us form and provide a copy of your API request with any sensitive information removed. Be sure include the relay response URL.



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Re: Test site doesn't work.

Hi Richard. I have completed as you have request. i feel it is important to document the issues I am having on this forum so others people can review, and solve their own issues.


After a successful payment, redirects to


There is no error message. The payment gateway fails because it redirects to, instead of our site.

- Our site is listed in our Response/Receipt URLs, both with, and without 443 as the port number.
- Our site has a valid SSL Certificate.
- Our site has a static IP address.
- Our site is publicly accessible.

Our HTTP Request Parameters (sensitive data was changed to look real)
x_address=77 fake street

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Re: Test site doesn't work.

I have contacted support. They told me to reach out to the developer forums.


Do you have any additional insights as to what may cause this?

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Re: Test site doesn't work.

@robertpiskule We are looking into this. In the meantime, could you please provide the actual Relay URL you are using? We want to make sure there aren't any TLS negotiation issues or other connectivity issues when we attempt to use that URL.

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Re: Test site doesn't work.

@robertpiskule If you facing timeouts on reaching your relay response URL, there is existing issue that our team has scheduled a fix for tomorrow. Please retry the scenario in  a day and revert back to us incase of any other issue.


Check out the post - solution for more details


In Addition to Lilith's suggestion, Here is some troubleshooting tips copied from the Help page( -


Note that Relay Response connections may time out after 10 seconds, so it is important that Authorize.Net receives an acknowledgement that the server received our response in 10 seconds or less.


If you encounter this issue every time, check the following list of possible causes and make corrections as necessary:


  • Check that the Relay URL the website is using (x_relay_url) is spelled correctly and is pointed at the right Web page or script. Any typing errors will send the transaction response to a file that doesn’t exist on the merchant’s server.
  • Confirm that you can load the Relay URL in a Web browser, and that it runs successfully. If you encounter a 500 Internal Server Error message, your script cannot run on the server and you may need to check your coding and confirm that the Web server can run the script correctly.
  • If the merchant’s Web server is not available on the public Internet, has authentication enabled, or if the Relay URL uses a non-standard port for HTTP or HTTPS traffic, Relay Response timeouts will occur. Authorize.Net will not have any means to connect to your server or authenticate itself on your server, and can only use ports 80 and 443 for all Web traffic.
  • If the relay response page is using an SSL connection, ensure that the SSL certificate is valid and is from a trusted issuer. If Authorize.Net’s server cannot validate the certificate, it will abandon the connection.
  • Log into the Merchant Interface at, click Account from the top navigation, click Response/Receipt URLs, and review the settings to ensure that the correct Relay Response URL is configured.


Make sure your script has completely received the transaction response before it performs any intensive tasks such as writing the response data to a database. If you start any intensive tasks while waiting for Relay Response to finish, your server may not be able to receive the full transaction response before the connection times out.