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Testing ARB and AIM

I'm currently trying to setup ARB and AIM methods to replace my PayPal ran site.


The site has a membership (or subscriptions) and a store.  I would assume the ARB and AIM combo is best for me.  If not, please let me know.  I'm already setting up the SSL and the Complice stuff now, so thats not an issue.


Now, here is my question.  If while creating a subscription with the SAME start day as they signed-up, will the payment be made that day (or rather the next business day)?  I'm curious as to when I would know to update the user in my database.  Would I use some kind of test to see if the payment is good or not?




Would I have to make the Start date one month from now.  Then use a AIM to make the first payment.


Any information would be great as I would love to know the proper way to update a member knowing the subscription has been paid for.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Testing ARB and AIM

If using AIM + ARB, the usual method is to do the initial charge with AIM, then do all successive payments with ARB. In my opinion, however, CIM is FAR easier to implement than ARB, and if you use CIM you don't have to mess with AIM at all. You can apply the first charge immediately and then run your own automated process every morning to generate charges for anyone coming due, so you have total control over charging and don't have to worry about things like figuring out subscription logic after a card decline mid-subscription, or messing around with callback pages.