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Re: Testing Akamai in the Sandbox

We will be making an announcement in the next week or so regarding our Akamai SureRoute plans, with clarifications.

In the meantime, if you wish to use Akamai SureRoute in Production, please switch your posting URLs from to, and from to We recommend that you opt in for Akamai SureRoute when you are ready, instead of waiting for the older API endpoints to be moved over.

As a reminder, the Sandbox environment is fully on Akamai SureRoute, so if your solution works in Sandbox, it should be ready for Akamai SureRoute, once you switch to the secure2 / api2 endpoints.

Also, our SDKs currently use the secure2 / api2 endpoints. If you have recently updated your SDKs, you should not need to change the API endpoints, beyond switching from Sandbox to Production.

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