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Testing Guide: Can't generate error response

I have authenticated using a sandbox account. The account is set to live mode. When I send the zip codes and cvvs listed in the Test Guide, I do not get an error. What am I missing? Is there other information I can provide to help troubleshoot this?


Sample data sent:


address: "123 Starry Ln"

amount: 1

ccNumber: "4111111111111111"

city: "Astroville"

cvv: "901"

email: ""

familyName: "Cust"

givenName: "Forrest"

month: "1"

phone: "+11233211234"

postalCode: "46203"

state: "NC"

type: "VISA"

year: "2022"


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Re: Testing Guide: Can't generate error response

Just tried zip code 46282 and got a decline as expected.  Can you confirm you are looking into the inner error, because the top level response is still a success here, i.e. the API request was successful, but inside the response you can see the decline


Hope this helps