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Re: Testing eCheck transactions?

For those still looking for routing/account numbers, I found some in the AuthorizeNetAIM_Test.php file of the SDK.

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Re: Testing eCheck transactions?

This was available in the SDK:


'bank_aba_code' => '121042882',            

'bank_acct_num' => '123456789123',            

'bank_acct_type' => 'CHECKING',            

'bank_name' => 'Bank of Earth',            

'bank_acct_name' => 'Jane Doe',

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Re: Testing eCheck transactions?

Howdy All,

Having had banged my head against the wall as well with this completely silly issue as well, I thought I'd share my findings.  You can see the complete govt list of ABA numbers here;


fedwire directory


As far as I can tell it is 100% uptodate, and is updated on a daily basis.


I hope that this helps you all save a bit of time.

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Re: Testing eCheck transactions?



I don't have a problem with the Routing number but with the process overall in the sand box.  Every echeck transaction always comes back as response code = 1 which, from what I understand, will almost never happen in production.  Production will respond with a response code = 4 (pending) for echeck requests because they are never approved at the time of request.  If this is the case then why is there not a process in the sand box to allow you to simulate this?  I have no practical way to accurately test my code and workflow under this setup.


This leads to my second gripe, batches - there is no way to simulate settling batches in the sand box and therefore no way to test the full workflow of checking for settled batches at night and marking a transaction as successful or failure based on the settlement process.  How are you supposed to test this without going into a real production account and just winging it?


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Re: Testing eCheck transactions?

Any update on this? I have to agree, it's quite difficult to test things as thay seem to be.