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Tokenizing Credit Card and eCheck using DPM

Will DPM return token for Credit Card and eCheck?


We would like setup recurring payment using token.


1: Use DPM to store Credit Card and eCheck on Autherize.Net server

2: Autherize.Net server will return token

3: Our portal will use Token for next payment 


Let me know if Autherize.Net has any other method to achieve above functionality.


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Re: Tokenizing Credit Card and eCheck using DPM

Hello @kailaskore16


It is currently not possible using DPM to both create a profile and a subscription.  You can use createCustomerProfileFromTransactionRequest to create a payment profile, but creating a subscription using a profile is not yet available.


You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request and be notified when complete.