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Transaction Failed Error Code : 2

Am getting error code 2 on my payment integration, whenever I process payment with a live card on my website with merchant API credentials. My credentials are live. 


In SANDBOX env everything is working fine. My test card are fine and am getting sucess with transaction ID.


But when I tried live API credentials, am getting Error Code 2, payment declined. The Same card is working fine while using directly on payment process.


I followed this CodeMentor tutorial for and Official Developer guide for the


My production enviroment too set as PRODUCTION and my API endpoint for PRODUCTION is 


Which is provided in the sample code. Do I need to change that to to accept the payments.?


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Re: Transaction Failed Error Code : 2

Hello @shashank


A transaction response of 2 is a decline by the issuing bank.  You'll need to work with your merchant service provider to learn more.  We don't receive any additional details for a decline.