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Transaction Key Question.

We have an existing ecommerce site on Wordpress (it's woking fine). We're now moving our site to the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. When testing I receive the 103 error. I'm using the same API Login and transaction key. Do I need a new one for this website?


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Re: Transaction Key Question.

Hello carpetfiber,


The API Login and Transaction key used for your live production and sandbox for testing are different.


If you need to generate a new transaction key to test with Adobe Business Catalyst, login to the sandbox at to obtain a new key.


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Re: Transaction Key Question.

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Re: Transaction Key Question.

I am planning on launching a new site. Can I use the same credential for login and transaction key for both sites? Has anyone try?

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Re: Transaction Key Question.


There are no technical limitations that will prevent you from using the same API credentials within multiple applications.