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Transaction Status

I am devloping an application to process cards and I have two pending issues I need help with. 1. The transaction type. When we use the merchant portal and perform an Authorize and Capture transaction, the Transaction Type is printed on the receipt. I assume this information came from the Transaction Type selection made prior to making the transaction and is NOT part of the transaction response, correct? 2. Transaction Status... I would think that the status of the transaction would be an element of the transaction response, but there is no element for status under the Authorize and Capture transaction... is this information only as well? How is this determined?




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Re: Transaction Status

#1 TransactionType- Yes transaction type is been selected before initating transaction.

either thru Merchant Portal or API


#2 Transaction status is something that is set by system with different status based on which state a particular transaction is in. If you want to know more about this - please go thru documentation Check the response tab - look for transaction Status, there are different status.

If you are looking for a solution to integrate. Please try out - Accept .