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Transaction failed. Audio failed to start and may be activated by another application.

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I have got above error while trying to do payment using AnetEMVSdk for iOS. I have used the latest SDK version 4.0.


And I have checked there are no other apps open.


I have used AnywhereCommerce card for transaction. And I have got this issue in iOS 12.2 OS version and it's work fine when I have test with iOS 9.3.5.


I have used AnetEMVConnectionModeAudio for setting a connection mode


emvManager = [AnetEMVManager initWithCurrecyCode:@"840" terminalID:@"" skipSignature:NO showReceipt:NO];
        [[AuthNet getInstance] setDelegate:self];
        [emvManager setLoggingEnabled:YES];
        [emvManager setConnectionMode:AnetEMVConnectionModeAudio];
        [emvManager setTerminalMode:AnetEMVModeInsertOrSwipe];


Here I have attached screenshots for reference.