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Umbraco integration with Direct POST method

Hi, I am new to the payment processing scene and also fairly new to .NET (about 1 year experience). I am using the Umbraco CMS application (v4.7) and need to integrate Authorize.NET. I have found that Authorize.NET requires System.Web.MVC.dll, which causes a yellow screen of death when loaded into the sites bin directory. Does anyone know how I can integrate the Authorize.NET service without tearing apart the current web application? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Umbraco integration with Direct POST method

Direct Post do not need to be in a MVC, it just how they have it in the SDK.

DP is similar to SIM with a few inputs difference(they post to the same url).

I will said look at SIM sample code(not the SDK) and the look at difference for DP in