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Unable to ping my webhook



I just started building a webhook following the documentation. I created a sample web api application and published to IIS with a valid url accessible from the internet.


I created a webhook on out sandbox account and set the url. I am able to call the POST api method from inside the postman. But when I try to ping the webhook I get error as follow:


"status": 500,
"reason": "PING_FAILED",
"message": "The ping operation failed with the status code 403",
"correlationId": "fc3e4193-708f-4683-b607-6318613fe66b",
"details": [
"message": "Error occured in connecting to the endpoint: "


Here is the url on my server.


I am able to successfully call this url in postman and get the result.

I appreciate if you can help me solve the problem.