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Update ARB Subscription via Java SDK

Is it possible to update an ARB subscription amount via the Java SDK? I see that I can set a subscription ID and then pass that to a new transaction... does this update a subscription?

I need to bill customer's on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis but the amount for each transaction will be different (base subscription fee + usage fees) - do I need to use the CIM for recurring billing where the amount will be different for each transaction?




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Re: Update ARB Subscription via Java SDK

I don't know about the Java SDK, but in general it's possible to update a subscription amount, just not mess with the interval. So you -could- theoretically try updating the subscription just prior to each bill. However, that seems like a rather messy way to solve the problem, and you're better off just implementing CIM with an automated process that runs every day and generates any necessary charges.

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