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UpdateSubscription in ARB

Dear All,

I am using ARB API for my web application. 

If I subscribe with $10 for a month using CreateSubscription. Now later in future before the end of month ,

I want to update my subscription with $30 for the same month. this I guess I can do it by UpdateSubscription method.

but in actual how UpdateSubscription method calculates the older amount and newer subscription amount.


So, please can anybody brief me about the UpdateSubscription behaviour.




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Re: UpdateSubscription in ARB

When you update the amount, the new amount will be used on the next payment.


I'm not sure what you mean by 'calculates the older and newer subscription amount', but if you're wondering if the payment for $10 has already been made and you then change it to $30, if it will charge the difference, that is incorrect.  Any payments that have already been made prior to the change will be for $10 and any new payments scheduled after you change the amount will be for $30.  Hopefully that makes sense.