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Upgrade Purchases Returning Error

In our system, we have the concept of an upgrade within our system. When a customer of ours purchases a product, they can purchase an upgraded version of the product after the fact. The way we process that is by doing a charge API call to charge them for the first product. When they request an upgrade, we determine the difference in price and charge them that in a second charge API call. 


This process works flawlessly when we are using our sandbox credentials but seems to be giving us an error on our production credentials. 


'code' 'E00001',
'text' 'An error occurred during processing. Please try again.',


Any idea why that could be happening?




API Method Used: Payment Transaction
Programming Language: PHP
Issue Summary: Upgrade Purchases Returning
Error Message: 2021-04-16 09:01:49 testing.INFO: array (
'code' 'E00001',
'text' 'An error occurred during processing. Please try again.',

Below is our sample request/payload -
2021-04-16 09:01:49 testing.INFO: array (
'invoiceNumber' '12343455',
'description' 'Enrollment fees.',
'amount' 56.83,
array (
'id' 17845,
'firstName' 'MALUC',
'lastName' 'Test',
'email' '',
'zipCode' '11378',
2021-04-16 09:01:49 testing.INFO: array (

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Re: Upgrade Purchases Returning Error

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Hello @maziz01,


In the second charge, are you obtaining a new opaqueData.DataValue? If not, the error could be due to an invalid value in the DataValue field.


Maybe a better way would be to create a Customer Payment profile and charge this Payment profile on the subsequent charge.

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