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Upgrading Webservice Reference(api) to Akamai (api2) in C#

I am Trying to Set debug URL and live URL based on flag for service call to like below..

if (isDebug)
{    API_URL = "";
{    API_URL = "";

And then for old api webreference ( i was able to set this API_URL for webservice call using their service class like below where CustomerProfileWS is namespace of web reference

public CustomerProfileWS.Service Service
{    get
        if (service == null)
        {            service = new CustomerProfileWS.Service();            
.Url = API_URL; } return service; } }

Now same way I tried to use new Akamai URL ( as webreference with namespace as CustomerProfileWS2 but I am not able to find CustomerProfileWS2.Service to set API_URL.

How can i set test URL or Live URL with new api2 webreference?

Any help on this will highly appreciated.

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Re: Upgrading Webservice Reference(api) to Akamai (api2) in C#

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Hi mediazam,


The domain URL  is already using Akamai, you can use this for your sandbox account. The only new URL is


You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.