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Urgent Help After Data Migration from Stripe

Hi there, 
We transferred from Stripe to Authorize and we use WooCommerce Subscriptions. We had the Authorize team complete a data transfer from Stripe to Authorize so we did not lose any data for our recurring orders. 
We were instructed that when the data transfer was complete, we could simply input the new Customer Profile ID and the new Payment Profile ID into WooCommerce and the transactions would run as expected. 
When testing this, however, the attempts continue to fail. 
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Re: Urgent Help After Data Migration from Stripe



Just curious, who are you referring to "the Authorize team"?  


In regards to the failure, I am not sure what is happening but I am leaning towards the CC data was not transferred.  When you did the data transfer, where did the data come from and where did it go? Did stripe turn over the primary account numbers for all of your customers? I was not aware that such a service or exhange was possible but I have never looked into it.