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Use of x_currency_code

We are trying to integrate authorizenet  aim in our application. We want to process global payments. On our application, we display the currency in customers local currency (ex:CAD). Now when we try to change the customer 1 CAD using the settings

x_currency_code: CAD

amount: 1


Customer is been charged 1USD.


Same thing happends even if set x_currency_code to USD


What is the exact use of x_currency_code? We read documentation and few messages in this forum but could not gt any solution. Please can some one explain the use case.

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Re: Use of x_currency_code

Hello @RaghavendraLA 


Each payment gateway can only support a single currency.  The sandbox by default is set to USD.  If you specify an x_currency_code in the sandbox other than  USD, it will return an error.


It is not currently possible to change the currency using x_currency_code.



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Re: Use of x_currency_code



Thank you for the response.


I now understand that each payment gateway can support a single currency.


Can you please let me know what exactly is the use of  x_currency_code. We ran a test yesterday on production account. Our merchant account is in USD. We have an online store where we set product prices in CAD. User went ahead and bought the product for CAD $1 using his US based card(Wells Fargo Debit Card). While making the API call, we had set x_currency_code to CAD. When we look at the transaction detail in the account, we see that the user was charged USD $1, while we had expected it to be USD equivalent of CAD $1.


Is this is what the intended use of x_currency_code? Or we using it in an incorrect way.


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Re: Use of x_currency_code

x_currency_code is not used.


the currency charge is based on the account, which only support 1 currency.


In your example, the account is set with USD, it will always charge in USD.