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Use proxy java sdk

Hi guys how can i use proxy in posting using anet java sdk via HttpClient? im using "HttpClient.setProxyIfRequested(client);" static method but still it says im not using proxy.

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Re: Use proxy java sdk


Hi JeusChristian,


Yes it is possible, all our SDKs have proxy capabilities built in. You can set the proxy details by configuring CONSTANTS.


Please check:




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Re: Use proxy java sdk

Hi Joy,


I am using sample code from Anet ( ) , and I get a response (ANetApiResponse ) of 407 - Authentication Required , although I added proxy in environment(system obj System.setProperty ) and env variables as per API comments .

Can you please suggest if this issue is similar to what the thread is talking about .

How can I fix it , I am unable to test Java API in local using SANDBOX .

I ceated a SANDBOX account and passed LoginId,Transaction Key also cust ID created by calling the API directly from postman .


If i call  in POSTMAN , with proxy i get responce .But with API code 407 AUTH REQ error .