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Re: User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.

So not sure if anyone figured this out already, but I was running into this issue as well. I was using their example code/API. Everything worked fine in sandbox mode but would fail with a authentication error with the production keys. I had to dig through their SDK code and found out the reason it was failing is because their code defaults to using the sandbox url. I use node so it might be slightly different for everyone else, but I went into the authorizenet folder > apicontrollersbase.js then changed this line this._endpoint = constants.endpoint.sandbox; to this this._endpoint = constants.endpoint.production; and everything started working correctly.


It is really annoying that I have to go into their code and find that line and change it in order for it to work. It should just force me to put in the url that I want to use, or accept the url as a parameter and then defualt to the sandbox if it is not provided. Hope that helps anyone who stumbles across this.