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Using the SDK for ARB .NET



Has anyone successfully implemented ARB using the SDK for .NET?  I haven't been able to find any code examples. 

I have somehow mucked my way through and I am able to create a subscription using the SDK however, I am not able to post Invoice #, Description, and Customer ID



Does anyone have some sample code on using the SDK to create ARB subscriptions? (preferably in


Here is a sample of what I am doing.  Feel free to tell me where I am going wrong here.


        Dim AuthSubscription = AuthorizeNet.SubscriptionRequest.CreateMonthly("", txtName.Text, 4.95)

        AuthSubscription.CardNumber = txtCardNumber.Text
        AuthSubscription.CardCode = txtSecurityCode.Text
        AuthSubscription.CardExpirationMonth = cboCCMonth.SelectedValue
        AuthSubscription.CardExpirationYear = cboCCYear.SelectedValue
        AuthSubscription.StartsOn = Now()
        AuthSubscription.SubscriptionID = "1234"

        Dim FirstName, LastName As String

        Dim MyAddy As New AuthorizeNet.Address
        MyAddy.ID = UserID
        MyAddy.First = FirstName
        MyAddy.Last = LastName
        MyAddy.Street = txtStreetAddress.Text
        MyAddy.City = txtCity.Text
        MyAddy.State = cboState.SelectedValue
        MyAddy.Zip = txtZip.Text
        MyAddy.Phone = txtPhone.Text
        Dim gate = New AuthorizeNet.SubscriptionGateway(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("APILogin"), ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("TransKey"), AuthorizeNet.ServiceMode.Live)

        Dim AuthResponse = gate.CreateSubscription(AuthSubscription)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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Re: Using the SDK for ARB .NET

Hey there,


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