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VOID an AUTH_ONLY transaction developer account (PHP)

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Without using the PHP SDK how do you void an AUTH_ONLY transaction in a developer sandbox account? 


I have these parameters set.


x_delim_data TRUE
x_delim_char |
x_relay_response FALSE
x_url FALSE
x_version 3.1
x_method CC
x_type VOID
x_login 4YTh7w4haS
x_tran_key xxxxx
x_card_num 5431111111111111
x_exp_date 01/2014
x_amount 0
x_tax 0
x_card_code 123
x_first_name John
x_last_name Doe
x_test_request true
x_trans_id 2201616029


I got the idea of x_test_request here . Do I need any additional/special parameters in order for this to work?



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Re: VOID an AUTH_ONLY transaction developer account (PHP)

here is the Minimum required field by transaction type.


only send x_test_request = true on a test. It will not do anything on other than validation.